The future of lighting has arrived with Connected Solutions.

Lighting has entered the digital age with the use of LEDs and smart technology components. Connected Solutions enabled luminaires integrate with intelligent building management systems through wired and wireless networks, allowing occupants to control lighting for maximum comfort and energy efficiency. The information collected via the sensors can also be used to modulate HVAC and optimize building maintenance. With the increased demand to meet energy codes and requirements for high performance buildings, Connected Solutions provides an answer for reducing energy costs and increasing tenant well-being in new construction or remodel projects.



Connected Solutions for Smarter Environments

Focal Point Connected Solutions provide flexibility in meeting the needs of each project by integrating with several whole building lighting control systems. A variety of sensors, drivers and other components can be specified that allow the luminaires to communicate with wired and wireless networks. Daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing, integration with HVAC systems, and individual controls enable the monitoring and modulating of light levels and temperature in order to save energy, reduce costs, and maximize occupants’ comfort.



Connected Solutions Partners

Legrand Wattstopper







NX Lighting Controls


Compatible Lighting Control Systems

Encelium X
Crestron Zūm Wireless & SpaceBuilder

Open ZigBee Networks
DALI Compatible Systems
Wattstopper DLM
NX Distributed Intelligence

Acuity nLight
Lutron Quantum
Lutron Energi Savr Node
Lutron Energi TriPak

More information about the capabilities of various lighting control systems is available from the DesignLights Consortium (DLC)