Healthcare Lobbies & Entrances

Lobbies and Entrances

Lobbies and Entrances

Lobbies and entrances convey the first impression of the healthcare facility to visitors. Often expansive, with high ceilings and ample fenestration, they must balance daylight and electric light to facilitate the visual adaptation between outdoor and indoor light levels at all times of the day.

A combination of high lumen outputs recessed luminaires, pendants and suspended linear luminaires, as well as perimeter and cove lighting are often used to create the layers of light that supply ambient lighting, support wayfinding to information desks and reception areas, and enhance the building’s architecture.

Cove lighting and wall washer or grazer optics are often an intrinsic part of architectural features, while accent lighting shines a light on the healthcare facility’s brand.

Lobbies & Entrances

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"These spaces should be welcoming as people enter, and they should be accommodating and comfortable during waiting periods and as occupants leave the facility."

ANSI/IES RP-29-20 – 8.2.1