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Patient Room

Patient Room

Single-bed patient rooms, the norm for new constructions, are comprised of three zones: the patient, caregiver, and family zones. Lighting design needs to specifically address each of these zones, as well as the needs of patients, visitors, and staff.

It is recommended that 24-hour circadian lighting be used, with higher illuminance levels during the day, incorporating daylight whenever possible, and a darker environment for sleep at night with lighting supporting fall prevention. Controllability is paramount, providing patients autonomy while ensuring that clinical staff has easy access to examination level lighting.

Click each zone below to learn more or scroll down to view suggested luminaires and design inspiration for healthcare patient rooms.

Hospital Staff Zone Nurse


This area must provide easy access to controls as well as task lighting to daytime and nightshift clinical staff.

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Hospital Patient Zone Bed


Lighting controls help patients feel more in control of their environment and maximize comfort.

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Hospital Family Zone Couch


A homey feel and independent luminaire controls help family members and other visitors feel comfortable.

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Patient Room

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"Lighting needs vary for each zone, and care should be taken to offer flexibility of controls for each zone."

ANSI/IES RP-29-20 – 8.3.1