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Corridors and Elevator Lobbies

Corridors and Elevator Lobbies

Corridors are long and narrow spaces, thus highlighting specific areas, such as entrances to treatment areas, nursing stations, or elevator lobbies to support wayfinding is a desirable lighting strategy. The lighting scheme should draw patients and visitors to those areas and ensure good visibility and legibility of signage.

Oftentimes, patients travel in a supine position, or experience lighting from a lower viewpoint, such as when sitting in a wheelchair. Therefore, it is important to select light sources that will fill the space without causing discomfort to someone looking directly at the ceiling or who experiences a different viewing angle. For this reason, recessed perimeter light sources with the appropriate light distribution, architectural troffers with diffuse lighting, as well as wall-mounted linear luminaires are popular solutions.

Corridors & Elevator Lobbies

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"Designs for general corridors can reinforce the design intent of the facility in many ways. The use of accent lighting to highlight art and feature walls, as well as the inclusion of softer lighting treatments such as wall-mounted sconces, makes the facility feel less institutional for patients and visitors and more restorative for caregivers and staff."

ANSI/IES RP-29-20 – 8.2.1