No matter if you are looking for installation tips or troubleshooting help, our Field Service team is here to help you. Email our Field Service team at fieldservice@focalpointlights.com or call 773-247-9494 and select option 2.

If you are missing a component, please contact the distributor. The distributor will then need to contact Focal Point to obtain the missing part.

In order to obtain the correct parts, please reach out to the distributor who supplied the fixture(s). The distributor will then need to contact Focal Point to obtain replacement parts.

First, be sure you have reviewed the troubleshooting steps for your type of product included in our Field Service Reference Guide. If you still believe you have a defective fixture, please contact the distributor. For details regarding our defective product policy, please reference our Warranty located in our Resources section.

Each shipment contains installation instructions, which can also be downloaded from each product’s page or from our Resources section.

Any damage to freight or missing cartons must be documented on the carrier’s delivery receipt upon receipt of the product. Be sure to indicate the number of damaged cartons or the number of missing cartons on the BOL or delivery receipt. You should then place a freight claim. Download the Field Service Reference Guide for instructions on how to file a freight claim. Note that for a freight claim to be reviewed and processed, all requested information must be emailed to freightclaim@focalpointlights.com.

Put all fixtures back into their original cartons and contact the carrier to get the issue rectified.

In order to review and process a freight claim, a freight claim form or all requested information listed below must be emailed to freightclaim@focalpointlights.com. The freight claim form can be found in the Field Service Reference Guide. Please reference your shipping documents for the required information.

  1. Shipment number
  2. Tracking number
  3. Number of cartons and/or pieces damaged and/or missing
  4. Signed bill of lading, proof of delivery or delivery receipt
  5. Description of the damages
  6. Pictures of damaged cartons and/or products

Focal Point will complete all necessary documentation and work with our carrier to conclude the claim. Our technical service team will be in contact with you for the disposition and to resolve the issue in a timely fashion. All freight claims must be submitted to Focal Point within 7 days of the original delivery date. Any and all freight claims that are concealed or over 7 days are the responsibility of the end-user.

For any additional questions or concerns, please contact Focal Point’s Freight Claims Department at freightclaim@focalpointlights.com or 773-247-9494.

You can access the Universal Suspension Kit Instruction Sheet from our Resources section or download it here.

For fixtures that were not originally ordered with an EM option, please contact our Field Service department at fieldservice@focalpointlights.com or call 773-247-9494 and select option 2. 

You can access the Focal Point warranty from our Resources section or click here to download the warranty.

Focal Point products are represented by sales agents across the United States and Canada. Our agents have the lighting and product knowledge, and sales support to help you get just the right look and illumination for your project. To find an agent in your area, please visit our Find an Agent section.

Focal Point Acoustic Solutions products are not field cuttable. Baffles should be ordered to the exact length needed.

Detailed mounting options offered for each product can be found on the product cut sheets. Most suspended products can be hung with aircraft cables or installed direct to strut or direct to grid. We also offer surface mount products and lay-in tiles for standard 15/16" and 9/16" grids.

Our illuminated acoustic products are all field serviceable with access from the top of the luminaire. No PET material is removed during this process. Refer to the installation instructions.

Focal Point Acoustic Solutions products are made to specification and should be ordered with the exact requirements for the project.

All products and related documentation, as well as a detailed FAQ can be found at Acoustic Solutions found under the Products menu.