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Mora® Build Wave



Acoustical ceiling system comprised of a narrow sound absorbing acoustic baffle and a slim linear luminaire with powerful optics.

Square modules of nominal 4' to 8', lit or unlit, constitute the building blocks of a ceiling system.

Uses AirCore®: patented, eco-friendly technology to maximize sound absorption and reduce ecological impact.

Acoustic baffles and luminaire housing available in a wide color palette, ranging from neutral to bold, to provide design flexibility and personalization for any project.

Regress or batwing lens meet the lighting needs of each space.

Companion to Mora Build Arch, and Mora Create Alpine, Radiate and Ripple.


A truly integrated acoustic and lighting system from a single manufacturer facilitates meeting noise reduction and architectural lighting requirements.

Sound absorbing material made of 100% polyester containing up to 50% of recycled plastic bottles (PET).

Declare certified, LBC Red List Free.

ASTM E-84 Class A / CAN ULC S102 fire rating and moisture resistant.


Supports diverse applications with nominal 4', 5', 6', 7', or 8' square modules that can be combined over large surface areas.

On-center spacing of the baffles of 4", 6" or 12" yield dramatically different visual appearance.

Easy installation in various ceiling conditions with StrutKlip, magnets, or cables.

Make an exceptional aesthetic statement and achieve desired reverberation levels and optimal lighting in conference rooms, offices, reception areas, hospitality spaces, and educational facilities.


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