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Create a signature piece and increase occupants’ comfort with Mora


Mora is an integrated acoustic ceiling and lighting system that adds movement and texture to the ceiling plane while optimizing the light levels and acoustics of interior environments. Specification is made easy with Mora Build, Mora Create and Mora Inspire, and the support of our dedicated team.


Select your level of customization with Mora Build, Mora Create, and Mora Inspire.

Mora Build Wave

Mora Build

Mora Build literally offers the building blocks to your next acoustic ceiling. The two standard designs of Arch and Wave are available in nominal square modules from 4 to 8 feet, lit or unlit. Several modules can be combined over large surface areas, resulting in rhythmic and playful ceilings.



Mora Create Alpine

Mora Create

Mora Create gives you the freedom to design custom-sized arrays to fit the exact dimensions of your room using three designs: Ripple, Radiate, or Alpine. Each offers a singular visual aesthetic and allows for placement of the luminaires to fulfil the lighting requirements of the space.




Mora Inspire

Mora Inspire

Let your imagination run wild with the support of our design and engineering team. We will turn your inspiration into a showpiece ceiling. Contact us at acoustic.solutions@focalpointlights.com to discuss your project.

Installation Methods

Mora provides for easy installation in any ceiling condition with the following mounting options.

Cable Suspension

Luminaires and baffles can be suspended using aerial cables. This is the most labor-intensive installation method for the baffles.


A magnetic system can be used to quickly affix the baffles to the strut structure with direct-to-strut or cable mounted luminaire.


A proprietary clip system designed specifically for Mora can be used to quickly fasten the baffles to the strut structure with direct-to-strut or cable mounted luminaires.

How to Specify

Watch our specification video, which provides step-by-step guidance on how to specify Mora Build or Mora Create, or contact our team directly at acoustic.solutions@focalpointlights.com to discuss your Mora Inspire project. Download the brochures below for additional information on Mora and our entire portfolio of acoustic solutions.

Mora Brochure Design Guide



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