O.C.I.L. - Office of the Commissioner of Indigenous Languages – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Parallel 45 Design Group LTD.
JVL Photography

OCIL – Office of the Commissioner of Indigenous Languages

Designed by Parallel 45, the office space greets visitors with a lobby that fosters a connection to the great outdoors, deeply meaningful to the First Nations of Canada. This is conveyed by the materials selected, as well as the fluid movement of the ceiling. Featuring a custom wood finish from The Naturals collection, available for many acoustic solutions and luminaires from Focal Point, this Mora Inspire design was developed with the help of the Focal Point team, in collaboration with the architect and the lighting agent Flux Lighting.

ID+ 2" Cylinders provide ambient lighting for the space, as well as task lighting over the reception desk. The sinuous shapes of Mora Inspire, extending to the wall, wrap the space in sound-absorbing waves of PET felt with a dark wood print.