November 3, 2022

Discover the design possibilities offered by Seem 1 linear luminaires

Seem 1 is a slim and sleek linear luminaire that offers a blend of exclusive features, superior performance, and visual comfort, resulting in limitless design possibilities. A wide selection of mounting options, light distributions, lumen outputs, and the likes, as well as the novel features highlighted below make it a truly versatile, and often strikingly different luminaire for all areas and application needs of a space.

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Striking design features

Seem 1 Louver Gym

Seem 1 Louver

Design the perfect luminaire for each application with a combination of louver cells, lensed illumination, and solid faceplates. Independently controlled direct and indirect light sources support the creation of multiple lighting scenes.

Seem 1 Louver | Seem 1 Louver Direct/Indirect | Seem 1 Louver Recessed | Seem 1 Louver Brochure

Seem 1 Point Source Hospitality Reception

Seem 1 Point Source

Combine point sources and lensed illumination to create eye-catching, highly functional suspended and recessed luminaires. Various point source beam spreads and lumen outputs, as well as direct and indirect Lambertian and batwing lensed light distributions support ambient and task lighting.

Seem 1 Point Source | Seem 1 Point Source Direct/Indirect | Seem 1 Point Source Recessed | Seem 1 Point Source Brochure

Seem 1 Lit End Cap Reception

Seem 1 Lit End Caps

Unique to the lighting market, lit end caps add pizazz to Seem 1 Suspended or Wall Mount. Superior engineering provides smooth, continuous illumination from the bottom lens to the perpendicular end caps, resulting in stylish individual luminaires or linear runs.

Seem 1 Direct | Seem 1 Direct/Indirect | Seem 1 Wall Mount | Seem 1 Direct/Indirect Wall Mount | Seem 1 Brochure


Seem 1 Acoustic

With a full suite of acoustic luminaires, offered in a broad palette of PET felt colors and with all the lighting options available for Seem 1 or as an unlit baffle, Seem 1 Acoustic is a versatile family of products to achieve unique ceiling configurations that provide optimal lighting and acoustic performance.

Seem 1 Acoustic Direct | Seem 1 Acoustic Indirect | Seem 1 Acoustic Direct/Indirect | Seem 1 Acoustic Unlit | Linear Architectural Systems Brochure

Versatility in application

EPS Group

Wall-to-Ceiling Integration

Ideal when wanting to add vertical illumination within a space, or to enhance interior architecture with design-forward luminaire integration, Seem 1 Wall-to-Ceiling offers drywall, hard surface, and wood mounting options for individual luminaires and endless run lengths.

Seem 1 Recessed Louver Healthcare Reception Area

Specialty Ceilings Integration

Standard mounting options, specifiable from the cut sheet, ease the integration of Seem 1 and the entire Seem family into specialty ceilings. Wood slats, metal grilles, ceiling clouds and panels are all enhanced with the subdued presence of this slim luminaire.


Custom Patterns and Luminaires

You have more amazing application ideas for Seem 1? Our team is available to help make your vision come to light, so that you can leave your mark and a lasting impression with your next project. Contact Us!


Integrated Acoustic Lighting

AirCore Bridge uses Seem 1 Suspended with direct illumination as the structure that supports the Truss, Cantilever, and Cantilever Wave configurations. Each can be specified to meet the needs of the space and allow specifiers to express their creativity.