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    Narrow 1.5" aperture suspended direct/indirect LED luminaire with integrated point source downlights.

    Flush and Batwing lenses available to provide visual comfort with uniform illumination and brightness control.

    Point sources are available in narrow to wide flood beam spread options, from 21° to 53°.


    Specify lumen outputs separately for Direct, Indirect, and Point Sources to achieve optimal distributions.

    Independently control light sources to achieve optimal illumination levels on ceiling and work planes.

    Alignment plate and internal joining mechanism ensures stable positioning and easy installation in continuous runs.


    Support individual and continuous runs with 4, 5, 6, 7, 8-foot on-center spacing or end-of-run placement of point sources when integrated with lensed illumination, or at intervals of 6" or 12" for point source downlights only.

    Make a statement in commercial application such as offices, conference rooms, hospitality areas and other high-end applications.

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