Seem® 6

Seem 6
Clean and high-performance

A 6" aperture luminaire designed to fit organically into architecture, Seem® 6 integrates with ceiling and walls in different configurations to bring unity to interior spaces. Seem 6 supports diverse applications as a recessed luminaire in drywall, hard ceilings, and grid ceilings, including pre-engineered systems requiring a 6-inch slot. Create straight lines, patterns, and wall-to-ceiling configurations, selecting from various shielding options, color temperature, and distribution options that provide the perfect blend of high performance and visual comfort.


Flexibility in Design

Offers the ability to design diverse spaces using individual units, continuous runs or patterns with 90-degree corners.

Shielding Options

Flush (Lambertian, Batwing), Regress or Pop-Down lens options provide design flexibility, uniform illumination, brightness control and visual comfort.

Ceiling Compatibility

Compatible with common pre-engineered grid ceiling systems requiring luminaires fitting into a 6" slot.

Specialty Ceilings NF

Seem 6 Recessed with NF mounting

A proprietary bracket, supplied by Focal Point, secures the luminaires to the deck via threaded rod or tie wire. This allows for the lighting to be installed after the ceiling is in place, simplifying trade management and interaction at the job site. The up/down adjustability ensures perfect fit, straightness, and centering, no matter the thickness of the ceiling or the mounting condition.

Seem 6 Grid with T4V mounting

A tegular grid mounting option ensures that luminaires neatly integrate between ceiling panels and that the bottom lens is flush with the ceiling tile, or drops to the right level in the case of pop-down lenses. This helps maintain the integrity and visual appearance of the ceiling system. Luminaires are secured to the deck with wires, following the method customarily employed with grid ceilings.


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