Designed to fit organically into architecture, Seem integrates with ceilings and walls in different configurations, bringing unity and harmony while delivering superior illumination. Seem supports the needs of diverse spaces with versatile shielding and distribution options. Create a statement, enhance the function and beauty of a space with Seem, a cohesive and flexible family of luminaires.

Seem Family Matrix
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  • Ceiling Compatibility

    Compatible with common pre-engineered grid ceiling systems requiring luminaires fitting into a 6" slot.

  • Shielding Options

    Flush (Lambertian, Batwing), Regress or Pop-Down lens options provide design flexibility, uniform illumination, brightness control and visual comfort.

  • Flexibility in Design

    Offers the ability to design diverse spaces using individual units, continuous runs or patterns with 90-degree corners.


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  • Right Light

  • Connected Solutions

  • Preferred Light

  • PoE Compatible

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