ID+® 2.5" Downlights

ID+ 2.5"
Petite. Mighty. Comprehensive.

A family including Downlight, Wall Wash and Adjustable Accent designed with flexibility in mind. Shallow housings, high lumen outputs, and a variety of beam spreads are suitable for wall washing, accent lighting, task lighting, and general illumination.


Low Profile

Accommodates shallow plenum applications with low housing depths: 2.6" for the downlight and Wall Wash and 3.12" for the Adjustable Accent.

Di-Noc Swatch

Natural warmth and beauty

Enliven interiors with The Naturals, a coordinated collection of nature-inspired finishes that brings organic beauty to luminaires and acoustic solutions.

Superior Performance

Downlight offers lumen outputs up to 1900 lumens with high efficacy, making it ideal for high-ceiling applications. High-performance Wall Wash and Adjustable Accent offer up to 1100 and 1500 lumens respectively. Variety of beam spreads supports accent, task, and ambient lighting applications.

Ease of Installation

Tool-less adjustment and changeability of trim and LED module or optics for ease of installation and to accommodate design changes in the field.


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