Seem 1 Acoustic Trio Indirect



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    Narrow sound absorbing 1.5" aperture ‘Y’ shaped indirect LED acoustic pendant. 

    Y shape is engineered to absorb sound from all directions.

    Vertical suspension designed to match the linear Seem 1 Acoustic, allowing for clean integration in full space layouts.

    Uses AirCore®: patented, eco-friendly technology to maximize sound absorption and reduce ecological impact.

    Acoustic housing is available in a wide color palette, ranging from neutral to bold, to provide design flexibility and personalization for any project.


    LED boards and lens material create seamless lines of light for uninterrupted illumination, without pixels or shadows.

    Acoustic housing material is made of 100% polyester containing up to 50% of recycled plastic bottles (PET).

    ASTM E-84 Class A/ CAN ULC S102 fire rating and moisture resistant.

    Unlit, sound-absorbing acoustic companion available to achieve the desired reverberation levels with a coordinated look.


    Supports diverse application with 4' and 6' diameter pendants with 8", 12" and 16" nominal housing heights. 

    Make an exceptional aesthetic statement and achieve the desired reverberations levels with a stand-alone pendant, clustered, or as part of an integrated ceiling system with linear Seem 1 Acoustic luminaires and baffles.

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