ID+® 4.5" Downlights

ID+ 4.5"
Robust. Complete. Cohesive.

A comprehensive family of high-performance luminaires including Downlight, Wall Wash and Adjustable Accent, that provide superior light quality. High lumen outputs, 50° and 75° cut-offs, CRI 80, 90, and 97, Tunable White and Warm Dim technologies, and a broad range of beam spreads make them highly adaptable to the needs of various environments.  



Ceiling Adaptability

Field adjustable to accommodate varying ceiling thicknesses from 0.5" to 3.0".

Trim and Reflector Options

Multiple trim and reflector options provide aesthetic flexibility and brightness control, contributing to a comfortable environment.

Beam Spread Options

Accommodates varying ceiling heights and luminaire spacing with spot to super wide flood and wall wash beam spread options.


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