Seem® 2 Acoustic

Seem 2 Acoustic
A high-performance acoustic luminaire ideal for expansive, high-ceiling spaces

A nominal 2.5" aperture sound absorbing luminaire, Seem 2 Acoustic is available with direct only, indirect only or direct/indirect illumination, or as an unlit baffle. The patented, eco-friendly AirCore® technology maximizes sound absorption and reduces ecological impact. Seem 2 Acoustic can be used as an individual luminaire or in continuous runs in lengths from 4' to 208', and fully illuminated 90˚corners allow for the creation of unique patterns. Choose between several light distributions, CCTs, and PET felt hues to enhance occupant’s acoustic and visual comfort, and interior architecture.


Seem 2 acoustic heights

Design Flexibility

A variety of baffle lengths, from 4' to 208', and standard housing heights of 8", 12" and 16", as well as 90° corners allow for the creation of unique ceiling arrays.

PET Swatch

Natural Warmth and Beauty

Enliven interiors with The Naturals, a coordinated collection of nature-inspired finishes that brings organic beauty to luminaires and acoustic solutions.

Visual Statement

Select from a wide palette of neutral colors and bold hues to enhance the aesthetic of diverse spaces.

Seem 1 Acoustic distributions

Multiple Distributions

Direct and indirect Lambertian and batwing, as well as direct asymmetric distribution options provide comfortable illumination and design flexibility to meet the needs of diverse spaces.


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