Coupang – Seattle, Washington

JPC Architects
Cleary O'Farrell

On a mission to revolutionize the online retail landscape and transform the customer experience, Coupang required an office that promotes collaboration. JPC Architects faced the challenge of developing a brighter space with minimal natural light entering due to the multitude of skyscrapers surrounding the office, located in the heart of Seattle. Aside from focusing on overcoming the existing “cave-like” feel, JPC Architects, also wanted to show Coupang’s aesthetic in a refined yet playful manner.

The shape and high lumen output levels of the Skydome Edge luminaire made it the ideal solution, along with its companion, Skydome Edge Acoustic, to deliver illumination and acoustic comfort with a coordinated look. The use of the acoustic cloud system in bold colors conveyed the brand spirit, elevating the modern, bright space that supports the organization’s culture. ID+ Cylinders were also used to provide additional focused illumination. Featuring a sophisticated aesthetic and a sharp knife edge, which matches the design of Skydome Edge, they are an ideal companion that enhances the modern design of the space.