ID+® 2" Cylinder

ID+ 2" Cylinders
Compact. Refined. Capable.

A small cylinder that offers a remarkable set of options to elegantly tackle some of the most challenging lighting applications. Lumen outputs of 500lm-1700lm and a variety of mounting options make the miniaturized cylinder suitable for shallow, sloped, and high ceilings. An easy-to-adjust bezel ensures perfect aiming for wall wash applications.


ID+ 2" Cylinder Twist & Lock

Twist & Lock Optic

Engineered for easy installation and maintenance, with field changeable reflector and optic. Change between any of the downlight optics, as well as the wall wash post-installation using a simple, secure mechanism.

ID+ 2" Cylinder Reflector Cones

Reflector Cones

Two different cut-offs and a Solite lens ensure that occupants’ comfort is never sacrificed for wide beam spreads.

Cylinder Wall Wash Aiming Detail

Wall Wash Aiming Mechanism

An easily adjustable bezel pivots to ensure perfect aiming.

ID+ 2" Cylinder Reveal Detail

Decorative Reveal

A glowing or non-glowing reveal enhances the aesthetic of the cylinders and serves as a heat vent.

Di-Noc Swatch

Natural warmth and beauty

Enliven interiors with The Naturals, a coordinated collection of nature-inspired finishes that brings organic beauty to luminaires and acoustic solutions.


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