September 21, 2023

Microsoft, Legrand, and Focal Point partner to devise new Microsoft Teams Room concepts


Maybe it’s a cliché to say the world has indelibly changed due to the pandemic, but that doesn’t make it any less true. One of the biggest shifts in everyday life has been in how we approach conferencing and collaboration. Legrand and Focal Point have been working diligently to meet the new challenges hybrid conferencing brings.

A predominant player in this new online collaboration environment is undoubtedly Microsoft. The Microsoft Teams conferencing and collaboration platform has made incredible advancements in a relatively short time. Interestingly, Microsoft’s vision for hybrid conferencing goes beyond the software and into the surrounding environment. Microsoft Teams Rooms are all-inclusive experiences that provide a blueprint for better conferencing.

Legrand Solutions

Legrand understands the unique challenges of hybrid meeting spaces and has developed innovative solutions like the Forum Collaboration Suite that are purpose-built for the cause. Products from Legrand combine elegantly, ensuring these spaces are inviting and inclusive in design. They also accommodate the speed and global scalability of deployment required by Microsoft.

Acoustic Solutions on the wall from Focal Point, provide a cohesive aesthetic, visually unifying the AV equipment with the entirety of the room’s interior design. For a finishing touch, each space has multiple power solutions from Wiremold to keep everyone’s devices connected and charged.
Microsoft 7
MS Surface Hub Room  2_Final Crop
Microsoft 4

Medium Signature Teams Room

Surface Hub Hero Room

In addition to the myriad of design possibilities offered by the standard options of our acoustic solutions portfolio, our customization capabilities allow you to add that very special touch to your project. Bring your ideas to our team!
MS Surface Hub Room  PT 2 Final
MS Surface Hub Room  PT 3 Final
MS Surface Hub Room  2_Final

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