Seem® 1 Shapes

Seem 1 Shapes
Compose your space with Seem 1 Trio & Seem 1 Quartet

The Seem 1 Family welcomes two statement-making luminaires: Seem 1 Trio & Seem 1 Quartet. Available in two diameters of 4' and 6'; suspended, surface, and recessed mounting options enable the creation of patterns or artful clusters in addition to stand-alone luminaires. Standard configurations include Lambertian and batwing lensed optics, with stylized lit end caps, point sources, and louvers also available. Follow your inspiration to explore the design possibilities.


4' Trio and 6' Quartet

Design Flexibility

The two shapes, Trio and Quartet, are offered in two nominal diameters: 4' and 6', with Recessed, Suspended, and Surface mounting options. They can be used to create a pattern, clustered, or as single luminaires.

FSM1Fx 3 End Details

Visual Statement

Eye-catching features: lit end caps, louvers, and point sources add personality to the luminaires and provide a quick and easy alternative to customization.

Di-Noc Swatch

Natural Warmth and Beauty

Enliven interior with The Naturals, a coordinate collection of nature-inspired finishes that bring organic beauty to luminaires and acoustic solutions.

FSM1Fx Distributions

Multiple Distributions

Lambertian, wide direct and indirect batwing, point source downlights and deeply regressed louvers provide comfortable illumination and design flexibility to meet the needs of diverse spaces.

Table Vignette

Superior Performance

Lumen outputs from 750lm to 15,750lm make the luminaires suitable for a variety of applications.

Colors & Materials

The Naturals Luminaires (25% scale)

  • Light Oak Light Oak
  • Grey Elm Grey Elm
  • Chestnut Chestnut
  • Walnut Walnut
  • Woven Linen Woven Linen


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