Apollo 8

Apollo 8
Multi-functional LED luminaire for healthcare lighting

Designed to improve patient comfort and support physician tasks with glare-free illumination in hospitals and other healthcare settings, Apollo 8 offers three modes of operation: ambient, ambient + exam, and ambient + exam + reading.

It is ideal for hospital lighting in patient and examination rooms where it is used as a tandem, or in corridors and other common areas of various medical facilities where it offers the aesthetic of a narrow architectural troffer.

It supports the needs of healthcare facilities with below ceiling access for maintenance, anti-microbial paint, and easy controllability.


Easy Maintenance

Ensures easy maintenance with below ceiling access of light source and drivers.

Secure Lens

Secure smooth lens for easy wipe down and protection from contamination.

Anti-Microbial Finish

Optional anti-microbial finish to accommodate healthcare applications.


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