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    A precision-formed acrylic diffuser fits snugly within a 2x2 ceiling opening. 

    Specify your ideal dropped diffuser position from 2" to 7" down from the ceiling plane in 1" increments.

    Without a frame or bulky edge detail, Nivo is devoid of visual distraction. The luminaire’s physical structure is concealed by the ceiling grid, leaving only the simple diffuser visible. 


    Square LED panels fill the Nivo housing, effortlessly backlighting the frosted diffuser. LEDs are spaced to maximize the beauty of the lens, never exhibiting brightness or source image.

    Available in four lumen output levels to meet a variety of illumination requirements. 

    Preferred Light: Lighting for better color rendition and human preference


    Combine different depths, to create patterns with placement, or pair with Nivo Acoustic to create a ceiling system that adds bold dimension while delivering optimal illumination and helps control noise levels.

    Enjoy the subtle visual interplay between luminaires when they are placed adjacent to each other or in a pattern. 

  • Right Light

  • Preferred Light

    Preferred Light

  • PoE Compatible

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