Focal Point

Focal Point

May 22, 2017

Supporting the Mission of a Nonprofit Through the Donation of Energy Efficient Lighting


Onward Neighborhood House, a Chicago nonprofit organization empowering families and individuals through educational, recreational and social service programs renovated one building on their 22,000 square foot campus through manufacturer contributions. The new space embraces a modern aesthetic, incorporating the latest urban office design trends with open, collaborative work spaces, modular furniture, and LED lighting.

In collaboration with Whitney Architects, a selection of over 30 energy efficient Focal Point luminaires were donated to accommodate the multi-use space. Seem 4 linear suspended luminaires were hung in varying directions over workstations and in collaborative work spaces. Continuing to bring visual flow and harmony to the environment, additional individual units of Seem 4 were incorporated in the kitchen and hallways.

“It was designed in such a way that the small space has great flexibility.”
- Mario Garcia, Executive Director at Onward Neighborhood House

 A glass-enclosed conference room which allows to make the most of natural light and of those too rare sunny Chicago days, was outfitted with ID+ 4.5" x 4.5" downlights and Fusion pendants. They respectively provide general and task illumination.          

The main functions of the large classroom space are adult educational classes, large meetings, and computer training courses. A combination of Equation 2 recessed troffers and ID+ 4.5" x 4.5" downlights were used in that space, taking into consideration the tasks as well as the flexibility to adapt to future needs. “It was designed in such a way that the small space has great flexibility,” says Mario Garcia, Executive Director at Onward Neighborhood House.  


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