Seem Sweep™ 2

Seem Sweep 2
Sweeping lines of light

The Seem 2 Family curves, bends, and sways to follow architecture or your design whim! Seem Sweep 2 is a narrow, 2.5" aperture curvilinear luminaire that provides a complete tool kit to easily create soft shapes with rounded corners and curvy to straight lines of light. S shapes, ellipses or hairpin turns can be specified from the cut sheets using standard radii and angles. Seem Sweep 2 Suspended and Surface Mount are available with Lambertian direct and indirect or batwing indirect illumination. Follow your inspiration and explore the design possibilities.


Seem Sweep 2 standard radii & angles

Design Flexibility

Specify standard radii and angles to create unique soft shapes, rounded corners, and flowing lines.

Seem Sweep 2 curves follow architecture

Visual Statement

Sweeping curves to straight lines that follow architecture, soft shapes with rounded corners – statement creations enhance interiors.

Slim Profile

Narrow, 2.5" aperture to provide a clean visual aesthetic.

Seem Sweep 2 Distribution curves

Multiple Distributions

Lambertian and batwing light distributions provide uniform illumination to meet the needs of diverse spaces.

Seem Sweep 2 Surface Mount and Suspended detail photos

Various Mounting Styles

Flexibility in designing for diverse spaces with suspended and surface mount options.


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