January 15, 2021
Focal Point 2021 Calendar Cover

Installations That Shine - 2021 Focal Point Calendar


Once again, our 2021 calendar showcases superb interior architecture and lighting design. Watch for our social posts the second Friday of each month to discover the project of the month and submit your work for consideration in the 2022 calendar using the link below.

Also, request your copy of the 2021 calendar from your Focal Point agent!

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Rush Road Home

April | Fleming College

The A-Wing building of this north-of-the border campus, located in Peterborough,Ontario, Canada was completely transformed, inside and out, to bring it to 21st century learning and sustainability standards. The exterior was re-clad in white and yellow aluminum panels and solid walls were replaced with glazing to bring a modern and airy feel to the building.
The interiors now benefit from abundant daylight and views on the surrounding nature. The citrusy color scheme continues in the interior spaces, where the rounded and linear shapes of Skydome Recessed luminaires in 2-, 3-, and 4-foot diameters and Seem 2 Recessed play on another to define and enliven the space.
The revamped building is transforming how students are experiencing and engaging with the institution and is strengthening Fleming College’s brand.

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Rush Road Home

March | Rush Road Home Intensive Outpatient

Since 2014, The Road Home Program at Rush has helped treat over 1,000 veterans with its intensive outpatient program. For this third location, Rush wanted a warm environment where patients would feel safe in a home-like setting and care providers could offer meaningful treatment in a combination of private and group therapy spaces. Each road to recovery is unique, and Road Home’s mission to assist veterans and their families on that journey is eased through this familiar, comfortable space inspired by nature.
The luminaires selected, including Equation 2, Skydome Edge surface mount with a subtle glow, and ID+ 3.5" and 6" square downlights provide at once ample and soft illumination, contributing to the feeling of calm and safety in the many individual and communal spaces.

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Shepton High School

February | Shepton High School

Shepton High School of Plano, TX underwent an extensive renovation and expansion, transforming over 115,000 sq.ft. of academic, administration, arts and music, and common areas of this 9th and 10th grade institution that serves 1,500 students.
A new student commons area was added, equipped with technology and operable partitions, creating flexible spaces for students to gather. The dynamic design, featuring warm wood tones and the school’s famous red, is illuminated with Seem 6 Recessed luminaires integrated into the wood ceiling. Seem 4 Suspended with pop-up and pop-down lenses highlights the library and ID+ 3.5" Downlights are used in study and collaboration spaces.

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Pacific Standard Time

January | Pacific Standard Time

Recipient of multiple awards, including the prestigious James Beard Award for Outstanding Restaurant Design and the Jean Blanchet Award for Best New Restaurant Design in 2019, this River North (Chicago) eatery is an ode to West Coast cuisine and design. A variety of wood species, tile, terrazzo, and leather combine to create a warm and homey interior with a slight retro feel. This aesthetic in augmented by the rounded shapes, present in the furniture, and also the large windows that let in an abundance of natural light, befitting for a California-inspired locale. The place still feels welcoming on those dreary Chicago days thanks to the numerous ID+ 3.5″ Downlights that provide ample and comfortable ambient light.

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