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January 4, 2019
Focal Point 2019 Calendar Cover

Installations That Shine - 2019 Focal Point Calendar


For 25 years Focal Point has been providing exceptional lighting solutions to the specification and design community. We proudly recognize the projects and designers who make them possible through our annual calendar.

Learn more about these special projects and request your own 2019 Focal Point calendar or submit your recent project for consideration in next year’s calendar.

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CNA Headquarters
The 70-degree angled letters of the CNA logo were the inspiration behind the new modern office design. Subtle nods to the logo can be found in the wallpaper, divider walls and furnishings. These simple yet impactful details are highlighted by Seem 2 recessed linear luminaires and ID+ downlights.
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Eastlake Studio
Rich history and a cool vibe define Eastlake Studio's new office which was customized to serve as a showroom and working office. The result is an elegant, modern, and collaborative environment that displays products from leading manufacturers used in many of the firm’s projects, including Focal Point Nera linear luminaires.
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Sterling Bay
When Sterling Bay, an award-winning commercial real estate investment and development firm identified a need for more comfortable acoustics in their main conference, they selected Seem 1 Acoustic luminaire and baffle system to answer the needs of the space to provide optimal illumination and sound level control with a unified look.
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Harbor Distributing Headquarters
What better way to celebrate than with a nationwide distributor of craft and domestic beer? Inspiration from the company’s products and beach location were used to create a modern and dynamic design, enhanced by the slim aperture and square pattern of Seem 2 recessed luminaires.
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Nektar Therapeutics
Creating a work environment to enable researchers to solve harder problems, develop better drugs, and deliver them faster was one of the goals of this biopharmaceutical company’s office. The new facility delivers on that goal, driving collaboration and increasing interactions with pathways that flow from active collaboration areas to private and personal spaces, illuminated with Focal Point recessed luminaires.
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Lexus of Orlando
This luxury car dealership is heightening the customer experience starting from outside the building. A covered driveway illuminated by Seem 6 Wet Location recessed luminaires showcases a modern aesthetic and built-in customer conveniences. The design carries through to the lounge and café areas where additional Seem recessed luminaires and ID+ downlights provide optimal illumination.
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Motivated by the bold colors of its logo, the company’s culture, and the desire to have a brighter space, this global e-commerce organization’s new office now supports the staff’s current needs and future growth. Finding comfort in the open collaboration area, where high ceilings cause reverberation issues, was made possible by Skydome Edge and Skydome Edge Acoustics.
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The Foundation Architects
Green design is a standard, not a trend at this architecture firm where sleek DLC certified Nera linear luminaires are suspended from the exposed ceiling, elevating the modern aesthetic while providing general illumination.
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Representing a new future while paying homage to its origins, the new Tyson office space incorporates reclaimed wood from the original headquarters and modern luminaires to enhance the historic elements and contemporary furnishings.
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Mazda U.S. Headquarters
Building a better customer experience was the driving force for the new state-of-the-art facility that evokes the brand’s philosophy of Hashiru Yorokobi: exhilaration, joy, and well-being. The result: a new office with a variety of areas that encourage employees to select their daily work environment. The space also pays tribute to the company’s Japanese origins through the selection of finishes and the simple, unobtrusive design of Focal Point luminaires.
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KLX Aerospace Solutions
This aerospace fasteners and logistics services company consolidated its buildings to improve services and gain greater efficiency. Leo A Daly brought stylish and innovative design to the new space using the brand’s corporate colors and modern elements. Check out how Facetta and Nivo architectural troffers provide visual interest and a playful aesthetic to this office space.
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Cox Communication
LPA Inc. strived to create a concept that reflected the corporate brand while honoring the local culture of this telecommunications company office. The brand’s signature colors, blue and white and contemporary recessed luminaires were used to bring a cohesive aesthetic and an innovative design to its new San Diego facility.
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