June 21, 2017

Lighting Designed for a Lighting Industry Leader


When Bagby endeavored to remodel its Charlotte, North Carolina office, its in-house design team sought to create a space that reflected the brand, supported its vision, and showcased its talent. A lighting agency known for supporting Class A office designs, it strategically selected luminaires from an imposing catalog of over 70 manufacturers with the intent to enhance the interior spaces while demonstrating the depth of its product offering.

The 4,800 square-foot renovation was a 3-year, multi-phase project. Tall cubicles once filled the open space and several individual offices previously lined the rear office wall, including that of the Principal. “The former design created a disengagement between individuals in the open space and those in private offices. We needed a more collaborative environment that represented our organization and inspired individuals,” said Johnny Morgan, Principal for Bagby. 

To support their vision, Bagby created a modern, industrial style open office environment with modular workstations, collaboration and lounge areas, and a centrally located office for its leader. Focal Point’s Skydome was selected to illuminate the lounge area, balancing the transitional furnishings and natural elements with its subtle modern aesthetic. Multiple Skydome luminaires are suspended from the open ceiling to deliver a substantial light output and smooth distribution onto surfaces while enhancing the bold colored and brand inspired wall.

“We needed a more collaborative environment that represented our organization and inspired individuals.”
- Johnny Morgan, Principal for Bagby

A signature Focal Point luminaire, Theory was carefully chosen to provide both general and task lighting in the Principal’s office. Selected for its powerful illumination and unique elliptical form, its soft edges and elegant modern design play seamlessly with the locally-made wooden desk, supporting the modern industrial style. 

The result is a harmonious and welcoming space that exhibits the company’s personality, showcases its expertise, and enables teamwork.