Recessed lighting

Recessed lighting

Endless versatility

Our recessed lighting design palette offers possibilities you’ll find nowhere else.

Consider our Seem® family where we’ve gone beyond 4" and 6" slot fluorescent luminaires to offer LED versions down to 2.5". Seamless transitions from wall to ceiling. Rectangular and rectilinear patterns. Right Light™ precision.

Or consider our fluorescent and LED troffers: Luna®, Equation™, Veer®, Aerion®, Amica™ and more. We offer extraordinary choices for your budget and design goals. Focal Point brings spec-grade quality and functional beauty to any space.

The Avenue® A series delivers vertical wall-wash illumination, with shadow-free light from ceiling to floor with a choice of open optics, lens or radial louvers. Vault™ and Nivo™ fit the ceiling tile grid to create an innovative wellspring of illumination.

And that’s just the beginning. We have dozens of beautiful recessed lighting options that integrate and align with practically any ceiling system and configuration – including 1x1, 1x4, 2x2, 2x4. So there’s never a need to compromise on the fit, finish or allure of your project.

The widest choice, the most innovative designs, and practically unlimited mounting choices to fit your precise application needs – that’s the beauty of Focal Point for recessed lighting.