LED lighting

LED lighting is revolutionizing the lighting industry, and customers understandably have questions about the new players and products that are quickly coming to market. Focal Point has answers that make sense.

We’re lighting people. We care about the details.

Every LED lighting manufacturer talks about efficacy and energy savings. Too often, they overlook this crucial fact: Function comes first. If an LED luminaire fails to deliver the right look and light, no amount of energy savings will make up for a project that is not everything you want it to be. Look to LED to bring new possibilities – never to take away.

Focal Point understands architectural environments and how lighting must function to support them. The advent of LED doesn’t change what exceptional lighting must do. We don’t just convert technologies – we build products that perform for the success of every application.

We’re easy to do business with

We’re here to help you make sense of LED, answer your questions, and make the technology transition as seamless as possible. We deliver the engineering excellence and quality control required to produce long-lasting LED products you can count on. And we stand by all our products – with assurance we’ll still be here with the right parts and service, should you ever need them, for years to come.

We value innovation

Where others only retrofit LED in old products, we’re creating possibilities that could never have existed before with products like Theory®, Zephyrand Nera. We’re building new standards ahead of the industry – like the fine control over lighting levels achieved by our innovative Right Light™ system. We’re aligning with LED technology leaders who can help advance our project goals.

And we’re always looking forward – embracing the possibilities of solid state lighting innovation, creating beautiful and functional design that makes a difference for people and their surroundings.