Downlights reveal the function and beauty of architectural spaces like no other lighting type. From wide-beam ambient to focused task lighting. From high-ceiling lobbies to entryways, conference rooms and offices. From wall washing to accent lighting. Downlights do it all with a clean, minimal look that keeps the focus on the design and purpose of the space.

Our id® intelligent downlight family includes LED, MR16 halogen, and CFL luminaires in styles, shapes and configurations to suit any vision. All designed and built to Focal Point’s matchless standards for materials, build quality and optics.

We’re working with customers and investing in resources that bring new downlighting possibilities to light. For example, we’re not just retrofitting MR16 fixtures with LED. We’re taking advantage of the move to LED to deliver greater design flexibility.

We’re offering smaller apertures that complement modern and traditional designs. We’re delivering more lumens to allow use of LED downlights in high-ceiling applications. We’re enabling the most advanced energy-saving controls. We even pioneered field-changeable and aimable optics so designers can fine-tune beam spread and directionality without turning off the power.