The 25W TT5 lamp, offered by Philips and GE, is a great solution for both new and retrofit projects. Corridors, private offices and conference rooms utilizing 2x2 fixtures are just a few applications that will benefit from this new technology. The lower wattage lamp allows spacing of the fixtures to maintain uniformity, while lowering both energy consumption and light levels, and lamps are dimmable on appropriate ballasts.

How does the math work?
The 40W label originates from old electro- magnetic ballast technology. Current ‘40W’ lamps actually draw only 30-32 lamp watts. As you can see below, the 25 watt lamp still provides a significant energy savings over current 40W TT5 lamp technology.


How to order? Focal Point can supply the 25W lamp on any fixture where the 40W is an option. Just add 25 in front of the lamp ordering code in the factory options. For example: Use 25L835 for a 3500K generic lamp. For Philips the code is 25P835, for GE 25G835. A wattage restriction label will automatically be supplied with the fixture. For additional information on lamp ordering codes, refer to the lamp ordering guide in our Reference Section.

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