Your favorite recessed luminaire is now available in LED.
With better-than-fluorescent looks Equation LED also
delivers the long life and maintenance benefits afforded
by solid state technology.

1x4 | 2x2 | 2x4

led system

Focal Point has created proprietary LED modules featuring premium LEDs that operate efficiently on a solid-core module platform to achieve excellent thermal management and reliable operation. Each array
is designed to efficiently deliver high quality white light, and LEDs are placed to prevent visible pixels or striations within the luminaire.

Multiple outputs, exceptional color quality (80+ CRI) and a choice of color temperatures compliment any interior. 0-10V dimming comes standard.


Best in class brightness control and visual comfort are enabled by a layered diffuser system designed specifically for Equation LED featuring MicroGlow™ lens technology and a smoothing filter.


2x2 high output (LL2) with
white painted side rails

Delivered lumens: 3363lm
Tested system watts: 45.7W

2x4 high output (LL2) with
white painted side rails

Delivered lumens: 3452lm
Tested system watts: 45.2W

 Design Lights Consortium (DLC) Qualification in process.
 New 1x1 coming soon.