The use of focused beam lamp sources such as PAR or MR16 has always been the standard choice for successful wall grazing applications. Fluorescent lighting has never been considered effective as it has lacked the intensity to properly highlight textures and evenly illuminate surfaces over far distances. Mini-Grazer’s Nautilus OpticTM is a precision formed optical instrument that collects the light from the fluorescent lamp going in 360-degrees and channels it into a narrow beam. The Nautilus Optic is able to produce this distribution within an amazing 6" mini-aperture which conceals the light source allowing textures and features to fully be expressed.

One of the major benefits in using linear fluorescent is that it eliminates the harsh scalloping effect that is inherent in all point source lamp types. No linear spread lenses here; Mini-grazer also distributes light laterally allowing fixture modules to be spaced as needed. Keep it simple by designing with 3' and 4' lamp modules. Spacing these modules up to 6" allows for even greater energy savings and installation flexibility.