Focal Point is pleased to announce we are now an Armstrong TechZone partner. Our TechZone compatible recessed fixtures are specifically designed to integrate with TechZone ceilings, allowing you to specify with confidence.

Armstrong’s TechZone ceiling systems provide a monolithic, uncluttered ceiling visual by organizing technical services such as lighting, air diffusers and sprinkler systems, into a single 4” or 6” wide zone. Each Technical Zone is engineered for 4’ and 5’ ceiling modules, with on-center spacing from 4’ up to 10’-6”.

The TechZone system allows you to create custom looks with standard components. There are 50 standard design configuration possible, and Armstrong’s downloadable guide or
on-line “Configure It™” tool
make ceiling specification simple.

Compatible recessed luminaires include Avenue B TechZone for 4" TechZone, Avenue 6 for 6" and Seem 6 for 6" continuous. In addition, all of the Focal Point linear products and the majority of our pendants are well-suited for TechZone ceilings.

Epstein selected the TechZone ceiling system for Intercontinental Exchange primarily for its ability to systematically organize all the ceiling elements and create a clean, clutter-free ceiling that wouldn’t distract one’s attention from the views.

Additionally, TechZone was able to work with our building module and provide a consistent ceiling detail, spanning from exterior window to interior core, and creating a sense of transparency when it passes through floor-to-ceiling glazed walls.