Trims available in Overlap flange or Flush mud-in for a seamless appearance.

Gloves Off hot aiming made simple with gear drive for both 45° vertical and 363° horizontal adjustment; Self locking.

Auto Memory remembers original lamp position after relamping. Lenses are independent of lamp, and remain undisturbed during relamping.

Perfect Fit installation process provides seamless integration in plaster, drywall and acoustical tiles, while maintaining optics in any ceiling thickness.

Adjustment mechanism provides for:
• easy relamping
• locking of both vertical and horizontal aiming
• lowers for easy lamp and lens access

Smart Lock ring allows quick removal and re–assembly of trim components for field painting. Standard white finish is field paintable. Interchangeable lamp and trim mechanisms allow for maximum flexibility, even after luminaire is installed.

id family matrix759k
non-drywall hard ceiling cutsheet470k
ies data4k
Metal Halide
ies data4k
Installation Instructions
adjustable trim888k
overlap housing1.2mb
flush housing1.4mb
remodel housing (halogen only)876k

Quickship available in Halogen T-rated housings only. Quantities of 50 or less.

Download the quickship quide for complete configuration details.

Use 20W Metal Halide in place of 50W Halogen.