Simplicity of form. Versatile style. Inspired by domes found in architecture, Skydome elegantly illuminates your environment.

Round recessed direct available in 2', 3', 4' LED & Fluorescent or 5' & 6' Fluorescent.

LED versions include a flat frosted lens to diffuse brightness and LED image while promoting efficacy.

For 2’, 3’ and 4’ fluorescent, concave and convex acrylic lenses are textured on one side to provide smooth distribution and eliminate lamp image. A high efficiency flat lens is also available.

The 5' & 6' smooth concave acrylic lens provides smooth distribution and even appearance.

Universal ceiling trim rings are suitable for both grid & drywall applications.

Skydome is an excellent choice for open public spaces such as concourses, lobbies, reception areas and meeting rooms.

Try placing Skydome at corridor intersections to create an open feeling and assist in wayfinding.