As a Chicago–based lighting manufacturer, Focal Point understands your commitment to utilizing U.S. made products. Manufacturing in the U.S. is a commitment we have had since our inception and is part of what makes us successful and viable in a competitive market. While many companies struggle to meet U.S. content requirements, Focal Point has continuously manufactured in Chicago, using U.S. components whenever possible, since we were founded in 1994. Below is a summary of the various initiatives requiring U.S. made products, and how our luminaires meet these requirements.

All Focal Point products are made in the USA of U.S. and imported parts.

This applies to Federal Government projects funded with stimulus monies. All manufactured goods must be produced in the United States. There are no requirements that components and subcomponents be of U.S. origin, provided the manufactured construction material is produced in the United States. The word “produced” has not been defined for purposes of ARRA Buy American provision, so many have adopted the “substantial transformation” test to determine if an article is produced in the U.S. Substantial Transformation occurs when the processing results in a new and different article of commerce. All Focal Point products are substantially transformed in Chicago, IL and meet the requirements of this provision.

This act applies to all U.S. Federal Government Agency purchases of goods that are not funded by stimulus monies. This Act requires that U.S. made products be preferred for Government purchases. For purposes of this Act, U.S. made products are those that contain more than 50% (by component cost) of U.S. materials and the end product is assembled in the United States. All Focal Point families except ID, Mondana, Groove, Fusion, Verve III, and Verve IV meet the criteria of the Buy American Act.

This Act applies only to grants issued by the Federal Transit Administration and Federal Highway Administration for transit-related projects, and has similar requirements to the Buy American Act above.

As part of a sustainable design strategy, supporting American companies that manufacture in the U.S. is just a good decision. At a time when our country is losing jobs to Mexico, Asia, India, etc., companies like Focal Point continue to thrive even while facing pressure to reduce costs, produce faster and maintain high quality.

All 300,000 square feet of Focal Point’s manufacturing and office facilities are located in Chicago, Illinois. Having design, engineering, marketing, customer service, sales and accounting all under one roof is not only more efficient for Focal Point, but also better for the environment. Vertical integration by definition shrinks a company’s carbon footprint as materials are not shipped back and forth during the production process. Vertical integration also allows for faster time to market and better quality control.

Our workforce has grown 35% since 2009. This income goes back to the local economy through taxes and employee purchases. We encourage sustainable, healthy living with our on-site fitness center, lunchroom pool table, and secure bike racks in our LEED Gold Certified Office Headquarters. We are as dedicated to our employees and the environment as we are to producing high quality luminaires and preserving the American economy.