At Focal Point, our commitment to the environment is as important as our commitment to quality. The everGreen program is our ongoing initiative to illustrate our proactive approach to sustainable design and manufacturing. Continually improving our manufacturing processes as well as product offerings with evolving LED technologies allows us to reduce our environmental impact, and assists our clients to make greener choices.

everGreen encompasses all aspects of both our manufacturing and office practices.

•  Focal Point offers a variety of energy efficient LED and fluorescent products, and works actively with various controls manufacturers to integrate daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing, and dimming into our products. Look for the everGreen logo designating our LED luminaires as well as fluorescent products tested at 80% or more efficient.

•  We have a comprehensive recycling program throughout the office and factory, which includes wire, oil, pallets and lamps, as well as the usual bottles, cans and paper. We also recycle the majority of our paint powder.

•  Changes in packaging and transportation further reduce our impact. We offer bulk packaging to minimize waste, and use recycled packing materials whenever possible. Most of our raw materials are obtained within a 500 mile radius, we consolidate shipping to one carrier, and have made packaging modifications that allow us to increase shipping capacity by 33% further reducing fuel usage.

•  Focal Point is currently committed to pursuing the implementation of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. Integrating our Quality Management System with an Environmental Management System is another initiative to assure that our production processes for quality products protect the environment and work in concert with our neighbors.
Download a PDF of our environmental policy here.

Fluorescent luminaires tested at 80% or more efficient display the everGreen logo on their cutsheets.