Focal Point

We Are Focal Point: Environmental Design

One philosophy guides the environmental design of our products and processes: Make the right decision and make it for the right reason.

Mike Thornton, Vice President of Marketing, puts it this way: “As a family, we live and breathe it. Caring for the environment and caring for people – it’s the same thing. It’s good for everyone.”

You’ll find color-coded recycling bins strategically located throughout factory and office spaces. Returns and scrap methodically disassembled and separated into the appropriate recycling streams. Spent fluorescent lamps crushed and sent to a recycler to recover mercury and other reusable materials. Recyclable product packaging, with no bubble wrap or Styrofoam.

You’ll also notice clean-running CNG and electric vehicles in service. Our powder-coat materials and the paints we use throughout our facilities are chosen for their low VOCs. Air throughout the facility is continuously filtered and recirculated to ensure a toxin-free, dust-free environment that’s good for our people and our products.

Look further and you’ll see a new compressor that cuts our energy use by almost half. A spill-containment room for storing paints and chemicals. Thermostats for automatic climate control. Recycled and reusable plastic skids instead of disposable wooden pallets. “Baker’s racks” that eliminate the need for cardboard to protect components and products.

In our LEED Gold Certified headquarters, look down to see sustainable flooring, maintained with green cleaning supplies and water that is reused after separation of contaminants. Look up to see our own energy-efficient lighting, fitted with motion sensors that ensure lights are energized only as needed.

And you’ll see people who think every day of new ways to consume less, recycle more and work with greater efficiency than the day before. Through their efforts, we’ve earned ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification – not because it’s a requirement, but because it provides assurance that we’re taking good care of our world.

Cleaner communities, healthier families: That’s what it’s all about.