Focal Point Headquarters
LEED Gold Certified 2009

At Focal Point, our commitment to the environment is as important as our commitment to quality. As an architectural lighting manufacturer, we are aware of the environmental issues surrounding today’s construction projects. The challenges of creating our LEED certified space were far outweighed by the benefits to the company, our employees, and the environment.

When planning the renovation of an existing warehouse into our new office headquarters, we set our sights on LEED Gold certification. Knowing only through careful coordination between Owner, Architect and Contractor would we be able to accomplish our goal, we took great care in choosing our building partners, Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture and Clune Construction, as well as each individual vendor.

Our new 35,000 square foot space serves not only as our office headquarters, but also as a product showcase, sales tool and training environment. Through the use of a majority of the Focal Point product line and the application of occupancy and daylight controls, we maintain an energy consumption level of less than 1.0 watt per square foot. Special attention was paid to incorporating regional products made from low-emitting, recycled and sustainable materials as well as the reuse of existing furnishings. Environmental improvements to the space include increased ventilation, low VOC finishes and skylights to bring natural light into workstations.

When guests arrive at Focal Point, they are welcomed into a comfortable environment we call The Bistro. Complete with flavored coffee and filtered water, The Bistro is adjacent to a business center and The Hub, our training space. The Bistro and Hub can also be used to host large company meetings or industry events.

Focal Point’s office showplace provides the ideal space to display many of our products in their appropriate working environments. Corridors transition seamlessly from one product to the next, while all private offices and conference rooms are equipped with unique lighting schemes. This gives designers an opportunity to evaluate specified products or share proposed solutions with their clients simply by touring our office.

Photography: Craig Dugan, Hedrich Blessing.

Focal Point’s design team incorporated many amenities and upgrades into our new space with our employees in mind. The employee break room includes comfortable seating, a pool table, reusable dishware, ample refrigerator space, multiple microwaves, and a recycling center. There is a fitness center for employee use adjacent to the office. Sawtooth skylights flood open interior spaces with daylight, and an advanced HVAC system provides a comfortable climate and fresh air circulation.

High-end finishes are installed throughout the facility in both guest and employee areas. Enhanced by our fluorescent Mini-Grazer, textured wall surfaces come to life and add richness to the office environment. Rapidly renewable materials such as cork and bamboo are installed throughout the showplace, and materials with high recycled content are utilized wherever possible.

Focal Point’s office space employs a variety of energy saving measures in conjunction with our lighting installation. We started by installing many of our everGreen™ high efficiency products throughout. A digital dimming control system monitors daylight from sawtooth skylights in all open areas, adjusting the output of our fluorescent luminaires accordingly. Private offices, conference rooms and washrooms are equipped with occupancy sensors. For user comfort, the skylights in The Hub and some private office windows have shades.

Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture

MEP Engineer: Building Engineering Systems, LLC
General Contractor: Clune Construction Company
Furniture Consultant: Thomas Interior Systems