Focal Point

January 27, 2017

The Right Light Output

How do you know that the LED lumen output you specify will actually be delivered by the luminaire once installed? Or do you need to specify custom wattages to meet energy requirements?

An absence of industry standards has continued to complicate the specification of luminaires. For LED products, most manufacturers supply lumen data on their specification documents however, data points and testing metrics may vary per manufacturer. Due to the lack of regulations, inaccurate measurements are communicated resulting in fewer lumens delivered than required in the space.

Right Light PortfolioTo further complicate the issue, the lumen outputs of luminaires can increase substantially as technology improves. LED technology has evolved over the last 10 years and is foreseen to continue gaining greater efficiency and cost savings. A luminaire shipped last year could vary considerably from an “identical” luminaire that ships today. This can make it nearly impossible to support future maintenance on large or multi-phase projects.

Right Light™ technology alleviates these issues by providing a broad range of standard delivered lumen outputs that stay consistent as technology upgrades occur. In addition, tunable drivers allow for custom wattage and lumen outputs to be specified within the standard range in order to meet demanding energy code requirements and to ensure your exact specification needs are met.

Right Light technology is offered in a broad range of Focal Point products; suspended, recessed downlight, wall mount, recessed linear, and troffers.


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