Focal Point

December 16, 2014

Quickship: The perfect fit for tenant improvement projects


Real estate managers have become a lot more competitive when marketing spaces to new tenants. With each tenant improvement project, they’re focusing on details that make a space practical to work in and a joy to inhabit. Lighting quality and aesthetics play a leading role.

To maximize profitability, it’s also important to turn lease improvement jobs around as quickly as possible. A typical project needs to be completed in just six to eight weeks. That includes the time required to design the space, select fixtures and bid the job to contractors. By the time that work is done, there may be just four weeks left to order lighting, install, and then complete the build and furnish the space before opening the doors to a new tenant.

Tenant improvement projects are undertaken for any number of reasons – whether it’s redesigning law offices or a tech company to attract the best talent, re-creating the corporate look for a new branch location, or simply looking to attract new tenants in a tough market. Whatever the reason, there are two essentials for success: The work must be exceptional to please the customer, and it must be completed as fast as possible to make the property profitable.


Exceptional and fast: That’s the Focal Point Quickship program.

Focal Point helps make both those essentials happen. Our Quickship program sets the benchmark for our industry. The reasons are clear. While other major manufacturers maintain a stock of commodity quick ship lighting products, Focal Point offers:

  • A Quickship program with luminaires built to order. When we manufacture your Quickship order, your luminaires are configured with the mounting, light source, optics, lenses and options you specify. We manufacture them for you – not to replenish stock in a warehouse.
  • The broadest Quickship program in the industry. We offer our most popular recessed, linear suspended and downlight luminaires – with options to suit any ceiling design and aesthetic goal. Our product families unify your design the way commodity products never can – with no added time or cost.
  • A complete LED selection. As new energy codes go into effect across the country, architects and lighting designers are looking for manufacturers to deliver lighting quality, functionality and aesthetics in LED luminaires. While we continue to offer our halogen and fluorescent Quickship products, we’re also building an impressive offering of efficient, dimmable LED products with premier optics, glare control, light distribution and aesthetic appeal.
  • Easy ordering. Simply browse the luminaires shown on the Quickship page of our website, then download our Quickship Guide (pdf) with all the available specifications and options in one place. Once you’ve selected your luminaires, order them the same way you’d order any Focal Point product – there’s no special process to follow.
  • 5- or 10-day shipment. That’s our commitment. All our production happens right here at Focal Point, so we’re on the production lines making sure whatever needs to get done gets done. You’ll receive your order right when you need it.


Focal Point people enjoy seeing projects through. With tenant improvement projects, that means helping bring a reimagined space to completion on time and on budget. Even more important, helping make the space truly remarkable.

We’re proud to say that once a specifier has used our Quickship program for one lease improvement job, they almost invariably return to Focal Point for other projects. Give it a try. You’ll be impressed.